WwVF Mission Statement (WwVF)

The purpose and intent of the Foundation is to preserve and enhance the Quality of Living in the Community of Wrightwood, CA.

Our Mission statement identifies these areas where the WwVF will concentrate its efforts.

  1. The Arts

  2. Civic and Public Benefit

  3. Education and Youth

  4. The Environment of the Community and areas surrounding the Community

  5. Health and Human service

  6. Emergency Response Ability

Many of the community’s programs are not nonprofit organizations and can’t give out the forms needed to enable the donor to take the tax deduction. Our Foundation acts as an "umbrella" for this purpose.

The WwVF can help a project find and obtain grants, set up GoFundme and other forms of financing, and set up your organizational processes.

For more information about how your project might benefit from the services of the WwVF, contact Bruce La Claire at bruce@wwvf.org.